Old Pages From Original Website.

These pages were originally part of my first website on Angelfire. Some of the links on these pages may be to other pages no longer available.

More Amplifier Output Stage Variations.

Capacitive Load Resonance Effect.

Nested Loops and Error Feedback.

Untried and Abandoned Versions.

MJR8 Feedforward Mosfet Amplifier.

Introduction To Feedforward.

How Much Power Do You Need?

Old Latest News, up to 12-June-2011.


Earth Loops.

MJR8-Mk2 Feedforward Mosfet Amplifier.

MJR9 Feedforward Mosfet Amplifier.

'Improved Class-B' New Version 14-Oct-2004.

Quad 303 Modification.

MJR6 Simple Power Amplifier.

Square Wave Testing.