MJR7-Mk5. Parts list.

The list is for a single channel, so two of everything is needed apart from C11 and fuse F1.

T1 2SC2240BL - NPN low noise TO-92 (July 2013 listed as discontinued) possible substitute BC550C (ON-Semi),
               but note different pin layout, 2SC2240 is E-C-B but BC550C is C-B-E.
T2 BC560C - PNP low noise TO-92 (ON Semiconductors)
T3 2SC3503 or KSC3503D (Mouser-USA)
T4 2SA1381 or KSA1381E
T5 2SA1381 or KSA1381E
T6 2SK1058 - N-channel lateral mosfet 160V 7A TO-3P (Renesas)
T7 2SJ162  - P-channel lateral mosfet 160V 7A TO-3P (Renesas)
   Alternative equivalents from Semelab, Exicon etc don't have internal gate protection zeners
   so handle with care, e.g. keep gate shorted to source until connected to board.

T1 and T2 need high current gain, 500 or more if possible, and T2 needs high fT, 100MHz at least.
Check data sheets for the pin number connections for alternatives.

D1, D2, D5, D6 - 3mm Red LED HLMP-1301
D7, D8, D9, D10 - 12V 500mW Zener diodes
D3, D4 - BAV20 200V 200mA diodes

L1 0.4uH. 13 turns 18swg enamelled copper wire, inside diameter 1cm length 1.6cm.
   Wire diameter 1.2mm, total length of wire about 50cm.

F1 2A-T fuse, 20mm x 5mm. (one only for 2 channels) 
   For high levels into low impedance loads if fuse failure is a problem try 3A-T.

Vr1 220R Preset potentiometer
Vr2 4k7  Preset potentiometer

All resistors are metal film 1% 500mW apart from those listed as 2W, 250mW or 0.125W.
The power ratings listed here are just those supplied in the first kits, but few are critical.
The colour codes are listed later on this page.

R1 560k  0.125W (small size needed to fit on board)
R2 5k6    250mW
R3 5k6    250mW
R4 10k
R5 56k
R6 1k
R7 1R5  250mW
R8 200k
R9 470R  250mW
R10 470R 250mW
R11 68R
R12 300R
R13 300R
R14 56k
R15 1R5  2W  5%
R16 1R   2W  5%
R17 470R   500mW

C1 2u2 polyester 7.5mm lead pitch e.g. Epcos B32560J1225K
C2 470p polypropylene 5mm pitch (I used WIMA 1000V)
C3 470p polypropylene 5mm pitch
C4 470u 63V electrolytic (for 60V supply) 5mm or 7.5mm lead pitch
C5 1n polypropylene 5mm pitch
C6 10p COG/NPO 200V ceramic (The ones I used are marked 100J)
C7 1n polypropylene 5mm pitch
C8 100u 16V electrolytic radial 5mm dia.
C9 100p polypropylene 5mm pitch
C10 100n polyester 5mm pitch
C11 470u 63V (for 60V supply) 5mm pitch (one only for 2 channels)
C12 4700u 63V electrolytic, (for 60V supply) Panasonic TSUP. 10mm lead pitch, 25mm diameter, 2mm dia mounting holes
C13 10u non-polar electrolytic
C14 100n polyester 5mm pitch

C4, C11 and C12 need to have voltage rating greater than the supply voltage.
63V rating is suitable only for up to a  60V supply.
Using 100V electrolytics there may be a problem fitting them on the board. The 470u should have
diameter no more than 16mm, and the 4700u no more than 30mm. (e.g. Panasonic TSUP)
The transistors are rated 160V so in theory this is the upper limit, but I don't recommend this.
I only tested up to 94V. At anything much more than 60V some or all of the TO-126 transistors
may need heatsinks.

Additional parts:
Printed circuit board
Insulating mica washers for TO-3P case mosfets
Terminal blocks, nuts, bolts, spacers, wire,
Heatsink, heat conducting paste, case, +60V power supply, on/off switch etc.

1R    brown black black silver brown
1R5   brown  green  black silver brown
12R   brown red black gold brown
68R   blue grey black gold brown
300R  orange black black black brown
470R  yellow violet black black brown
1k    brown black black brown brown
5k6   green blue black brown brown
10k   brown black black red brown
56k   green blue black red brown
200k  red black black orange brown
560k  green blue black orange brown