Although my first degree was Physics I was never particularly talented, mostly because my mathematical ability was too limited, and I eventually switched to electronics. I wrote or updated a few Physics articles from the old website. While not entirely happy with any of them I have not as yet found any alternative treatments of the topics covered which I could recommend. For example the first rewritten version included here on the new site is about the application of Special Relativity to accelerated observers. There are plenty of books and articles covering this, but not at the non-mathematical level I was aiming for, so here is my own attempt to explain what is often assumed to be a difficult and incomprehensible topic.

Relativity and Acceleration.

Maxwell's equations and the Vector Potential

Reflections on a Transmission Line.

Conduction In Metals.

Some of my own 'crackpot' theories:

1: Quarks and Electrons.

2: Quantum Mechanics. The single-bit limit.